BBAstroDesigns, Inc. and Sidereal Technology new product announcement

Sidereal Technology and BBAstroDesigns, Inc. have jointly developed a new telescope controller and software package for the amateur astronomer and small professional observatory.

For current pricing and package offerings, see BBAstroDesigns.html#Servo_Controller_Items_for_Sale

Two years in research and development, the state of the art controller and multiplatform software offer unique features yet priced for the amateur's budget.  This product is designed to meet a wide variety of situations, from standalone controller operation for casual tracking and goto, to the most demanding critical gotos and guiding.

Sidereal Technology's new palm sized controller operates two servo motors and reads two external encoders along with a hand paddle.  Sidereal Technology's controller offers a new standalone method of operation, called "DragNTrack", in addition to equatorial platform mode.   For a complete listing of features that this new wonderful compact controller offers, see .

BBAstroDesigns, Inc.'s Scope II software runs on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Designed for highest accuracy gotos, tracking, and guiding, Scope II offers extensive error correction.  Scope II is also a command sequencer, accepting commands from other applications and from across the network.    For more on the software, see scopeiifeatures.html .

Standing behind the new joint product is Mel Bartels' long standing reputation for helping others and willingness to work with individuals and their unique situations.