A large number of friends have contributed greatly to the project.

Larry Bell derived a formula to correct coordinate conversion hysteresis when large values of Z1 and Z2 are used.
Richard Berry suggested the 3 star initialization routine.
Renato Bonomini contributed the eyepiece and eyepiece focusing code.
Jack Brindle and a small group are actively working on a Mac port loosely based on the computerized dob project.
Doug Brown contributed code and circuitry plans for 5 phase stepper operation.
Tom Cathey worked with me on the encoders.
Marcello Cucchi and friends contributed a program that generates a planetary positions data file.
Gilles Cotes contributed NGC/IC data files.
Donald J. D'Egidio contributed the AL_DblSt.dat and AL_Urban.dat data files (Astronomical League's double star and urban club object lists).
Ben Davies contributed precession/nutation/annual aberration formula and code.
Dale Eason contributed fast video routines and interrupt timed slewing, in addition to the Messier and stars to 5 mag data files.
Dave Ek contributed the altitude offset algorithm.
Mark Ewert contributed code for site configuration.
Bill Gray worked closely with me to integrate "Guide" with scope.exe.
Berthold Hamburger designed a PCB.
David Hutchinson contributed custom LX200 commands.
Rex Kindell worked on most of the data files, checking the declination minus situation; also contributed the solarsys.exe program..
Tom Krajci helped with the pointing error corrections, homemade worm gears, and contributed the bright stars catalogs.
Jerry Pinter contributed many of the object data files and worked with me developing backlash routines.
David Lane helped me integrate his MGIII encoder project with my system.
Bob Norgard contributed the NTE1857 replacement of the SAA1042 chip:  its wiring and notes.
Vicent Peris contributed the Hickson Compact Galaxies, Palomar Globulars, Arp's Peculiar Galaxies, Catalog of Planetary Nebulae, and SAC60 by constellation data files.
Jon Rock showed how to use the mouse encoders.
Chris Rowland for source code on unique PWM values for the 2nd motor, and for many additional scroll commands.
Bob Segrest developed a microprocessor based encoder interface of great speed.
Chuck Shaw helped develop the field de-rotation system, spent time debugging the autogeneration of PEC routines, and has worked to develop a set of configuring instructions.
Pat Sweeney developed a PCB for the project.
Dave Sopchak contributed the iterative altitude offset algorithm.
Jean-Charles Vachon contributed the current limiting circuit.
Don Ware contributred the Flamsteed data sets along with NGC and IC1-5 data sets; and source code to read forwards/backwards through the data files; and the user defined hotkeys; and the polar alignment method for equatorial mounts; and more.
Mark Williams contributed the autosynchronization of PEC idea and code.
Members of the list have contributed many ideas including hardware circuitry and operation suggestions.
Many other amateurs have made suggestions and worked with me to perfect parts of the system.