African 2001 Solar Eclipse
Eclipse Photos

On the left is a 6 inch f/4 reflector; on the right is a 500mm f/8 Maksutov telephoto. Views through the telescope provided the best glimpse of the eclipse. We saw incredible detail in the prominences, inner corona, and in the extended outer corona. On the right is Barb in front of our guest house at Fringilla Farms, Zambia.

Barb used a handheld 200mm telephoto lens in these pictures of totality and the Diamond Ring.

We used Fuji 100F pushed to 200, exposing from 1/1000 to ¼ second with the 500mm f/8 Maksutov telephoto.

Bailey's Beads --- Chromasphere

Prominences --- Outer Corona

Inner Corona --- Chromasphere

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