equatorial mount startup

1. select equatorial option at program startup

the scope will track accurately for any position in the sky, and, if the laptop's time and date is accurately set and the longitude value in the config.dat file accurately set then the scope will also slew accurately

but most likely these values will not be exactly accurate, so to refine the positioning:
2. center an object in the scope
3. enter object's coordinates via one of the data files, or manually if necessary
4. then do a reset to equat coordinates to inform the software where you are pointed

remember to never do any initializations at any time because it will confuse the original equatorial initializations at program startup time  

Don Ware's polar alignment procedure is a part of scope.exe. Start with the telescope at least roughly polar aligned, and start the program using the equatorial alignment option. Then, follow the polar alignment instructions:

“Polar Alignment is split into five parts to allow operator intervention between stages. The process is started via the Init Menu or via hotkey '*'. Subsequent stages are entered via hotkey '*' or via the handpad left key. In Stage 0, three stars are selected from the databases and the coordinates of the first star entered as input. After slewing to start#1, the operator then centers this star in the eyepiece with the handpad. In Stage 1, a ResetEquatorial is executed, the coordinates of the second star entered as input and a slew to those coordinates executed. The operator then centers this star in the eyepiece using the handpad. In Stage 2, the apparent coordinates of the second star are read and the offset of the polar axis calculated. Then a set of coordinates are calculated for the third star which are offset so that when the polar axis is moved to correct alignment the star will be centered in the eyepiece. A slew to these coordinates now takes place. The operator then adjusts the polar axis using altazimuth mount corrections only. In Stage 3, a Reset Equatorial is performed using Star 3's correct coordinates. Finally, a slew back to the first star takes place. In Stage 4, the operator is given the choice of repeating the process or of quitting. If the handpad is to be used, the Select HP Option "Polar Alignment" should be set prior to the start of the polar alignment process.”