To improve local finding/tracking accuracy

Slew to a bright known star near the object.
Select new coordinates by using one of the data files, or by calling Guide.bat if available, or by inputing equatorial coordinates manually.
Choose Reset:equat - this will adjust the altazimuth coordinates of the telescope.  Alternatively if you do not wish to change the altazimuth coordinates (for instance, you are using encoders and are positive that the encoders are working properly), choose to re-init #1 or #2 or #3 - this will update the initialization of the scope vs the sky and result in accurate movements near the initialization points.
Select Coord:equat to enter coordinates of new object to view.
Choose Move:equat to slew to object.
This nearby slew, if carefully done, will be accurate to the arcsecond level.

Alternatively, if you know the distance from one object to another, say, object 'x' is 1 degree north of object 'y', then center object 'y', and apply the coord:offset equat menu item then move:equat to make the precise offset movement.