Oregon Star Party 2006 Telescope Walkabout

Mel Bartels, August 2006, images by Greg Babcock with photo of Greg's scope by Mark Thorson

Each year we hold a telescope walkabout at the Oregon Star Party.  Telescope builders share their experiences making telescopes.  People walkabout the telescopes to enjoy the telescope making experiences and to garner ideas for their own telescopes.

This year's theme is innovation: tracking ball scopes, travel scopes, string scopes, carbon fiber scopes, computerized dobs, ceramic mirrors, and better eyepiece shading.

Jerry Oltien's 10 inch ballscope with clock drive that's adjustable for latitude, featured in a recent Sky and Telescope magazine article

Merlin Raymond's trailered observatory

Jack Barne's computerized 17 inch dob

Chris Tribe's ultralight carbon and fishing rod 2 truss 14 inch

Mark Yonker's ceramic mirror 10 inch

Mark Yonker's collapsing scope

Greg Babcock's 10 inch travel scope

Chuck Dethloff's eyepiece shade - a number of scopes were sporting shades by the end of the star party

Bob McGown's  blue 12 inch

David Martin's 6 inch and 8 inch travel scopes

David Nemo's 20 inch string scope with 8 inch prototype

Enders and Petersen's 10 inch matching travel scopes

Gordona's scope [not on the walkabout]

Don Peckham's wireless handpad and laptop controlled  scope [not on the walkabout]

3 more scopes not on the walkabout